Friday, June 5, 2009

Dealing with the hypocrite people around you

Life memang unfair. Tapi kita harus deal with it with our own ways. Some people intended to hurt us by having those negativity towards us. Tell me why should we care so much? Not being selfish, but people can say whatever they want about us. In the end, we know who we really are.

Sometimes people can think of many possible ways to hurt and to let us down. Tell me why should we bother? Yes we are not living in this world alone. But those people who try to ruin you are not those who you can consider as your friends.

Maybe its true after all. You can have as many friends as possible. But those you can count on can be count with one hand fingers. Tell me why should we cry for them? Because when you need a hand to hold, most of them just not going to be there. Some of them can just make it even worse.

I've learnt a lot in this life lately just like everyone else. So as an advice, just take a good care of those people who love and appreciate you for who you are. Those people who brings out the best in you without looking at those negative side of you. Those who find you special and not counting on things that you lack of. Those who would laugh and cry for you and willing to share almost everything with you.

Most importantly, you should appreciate yourself because you know yourself better than anyone else. Only you can take care of yourself and only you can make the best and the worst out of yourself. You are the boss of you.

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