Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mickey on MC

After comeback from Pulai Spring, I had a fever and a headache and i had first assumed it was just dehydration so i drank plenty of water and took some advils. However, the symptoms didn't subside. Three days later, I wake up and feel so tired and my body also hot, ha ha ha so tired then me just lying down at the sofa till me fall on sleep,

pssst ~ me on MC ... sorry boss

Kolej Ku desa Skudai

Alang- alang me go to JB, and tak lepaskan peluang untuk melawat MY asrama kat desa skudai KOLEJ SISWA DESA SEKUDAI ... this is my collage before, untuk SISWA saja .. almost 4 years me stay there .. semuanya ada .. suka duka and lot's more .. really miss the moment, ngan kekawan.. mana dia orang sekarang ?

satu persatu nama come into my mind .. Abg Nasri, Abg radz, Amatd, fadli and alot more ... miss u alot guys.. but when me reach there, really shock .. one word saja " Ya ALLAH" what happend to my kolej ?

Now KSDS is change to penempatan pekerja kilang ... so sad! macam satu harta yang di rampas and nothing yang ada untuk kenangan ari ini ... :(

Selamat Tinggal KSDS

Pulai Spring .... Toing! Toing!

Last week, me and another office mate joint the treasure hunt under SCB, so happening and so excite!! ha ha ha .. apa yang taknya, coz my group semuanya kepala tak center.ra . apa tak nya, adanya si Hafiz, dayah and paling hevoc is Farina ..

Bertolak dari kL at 8.00am then menghala ke JB, dalam perjalanan memacam kerenah yang ada.. coz all of us memang tak ada experience at all....except farina. according to her, dia masuk yang BIG2 treasure hunt like celcom, The star.. and put in a lil hope on that. so kira okey laaa...

for me itself, asalkan sampai JB dah kira okey la.. coz memang me dun have any idea abt the treasure hunt. dalam perjalanan yang panas terik tu, pening kepala and kembang kepala pun ada . cam nak muntah saja ... bukan apa, coz farina cakap tak henti2 .. me look at hafiz... then said"memang boleh wat gaduhh ni" ha ha ha ,... farina sd this games, "boleh buat gaduh" due to diff oppinions... for us ... nothing la...

end up, kita orang kalah juga .. he he he .. tapi menang gaya la.. we had fun we had joy!!!

to Hafiz, dayah and farina.. Thanks for the excite moment ya!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My best Buddy,Sis and mate!

There you go .. Abby and Cute little farah (little ke ?) ha ha ha .. miss the moment so much!!! bila nak g Travel sama lagi ? ha ha ha

My acheivemnet for this year! 2009

Gud morning !!! may god bless you... early of the morning open my email, 8.00am, Alhamdullilah,when i receive email from my Boss, that my promotion letter !!!! Thanks alot boss,
really appreciate it! within 4 month in islamic banking, i got early confirmation and the best part is me got promotion :) that one of my achievement! proud of myself !

Psst~ Boss another 4 month, promote me again ya ... :)


ESAU? ha ha ha .. every Friday we need to do weekly report for the sale, huh!! sometime i cant imagine the existing staff face it, since they can face it.. so am i ... early of the morning my bos already remind us including me for today ESAU (E-Excellence, S-forgot laa S is for what, A-Average and U-under performance). me aleardy prepared and aleardy give to Ms leong past 2 days, coz enough to cover for this week perfomance.

now me thinking for the next week esau, how ya ? adusss!!! where to find another sales, seem like so slow, me really headace! GOD help me!!! uwwwaaaaa......

One SMS buzzing me

when me busy doing my job, suddenly my phone Buzzing, SMS from Farah, asking me a Short and simple question.

Farah:, are you still wanna to do collection ?
me :, What the position are available?
Farah:, referring to AVP, for card collection ...


So surprise, when get reply from Farah, actually she is my SCB mate in collection, and she move to Alliance bank doing Personal loans Collection as AVP. according to her,card collection need people, and she suggest me on that.. me so confuse rite now. actually me so greatful, to God coz still have other people recognize my good work before .. Thanks God.

me quickly email to her, and tell her, actually Citi oso called me for the same post, for the recovery card collection, explained to her, me now looking forward to go out from Banking line, that is why me trying hard to go to marketing.

anyway thanks to farah and Isabella kong. thanks for the offer :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mickey @ work

Gosh! me still in a banking line, nobody wanna to take me out ? hey there please take me out.. uwwaaaaaaa. now me doing islamic banking, more to sales and marketing, quit interesting job. with the weekly review, make me sick and tired, really tired...

new friends around me, with the new enviroment, with the new task... luckly me still can manage it well.. but till when, my Bos always tell me that, this is the best place to make money ! and i still remember what my ex bos said, winner always won the ball when the games is on the line .. ha ha ha .. cant imagine, i still remembr that! miss him so much, he tought me a lot...

Thanks Mr remy!

Shitty in my little world

another lame depression,another same whole boring moments of thinking.i kinda hate being a person who always haunted by the past.i thought by moving on,things as before won't ever take place in my life ever again.but who am i kidding?its always been there.whenever something happened,it always remind of the same thing that used to happened before.

some kind of a dejavu;but reality.i hate the fact there is so much hate in me.i regreted it,i've learned from it but i just can't ever escape although how much i wanted to and how hard i've tried.i am still longing in the pond of my past.looking at the same alter-ego for the rest of my life.i wish i can still find a way of escaping.somehow there is no ray to guide me through this sickness of sorrow.shitty things happened;its not yet over me.

** Why me ? ... :(

Life must go on

Funny.I can only glanced a tiny smile bila every time orang cakap "bahagia kau sekarang kan..".Bahagia?I'm not 100% sure.But I've put a lot of effort to make the best out of everything that have been hooking around in my life lately.Friends;still here and hopefully will always be.Family;I hardly even talk to them lately.So to describe the BAHAGIA as one word for me now,I don't really dare to.I am still getting used to some changes and still going through this life wondering and looking for the missing part.

Me really struggling past 1 year, to build back my career and to get st abilities in my own little world, yap! really hurt.. on that time me know who is my friends, who is my buddy... sad to say that, some of my friends is fake!!!! i hate them alot... Now me realize that not all of my friends is sincere to get close with me, me hope can get a friends is can accept me who i am, not just know how to take advantage out of it!, like it or not.. life must go on :)

Thanks for being there for me

To those i love and see each day, and other loved ones so far all my good frends who mean so much to me and those with whom i've out of touch..i want you to know how much i care, may GOd touch you and dwell within. Spread some love whereever you go and a smile on you face that's all aglow. luv u all

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Me Myself

me myself ......I can really just hate my life.There were so much down rather than being on the peak.But me guess, that what we've called life anyway.Under some circumstances,me not really sure where me heading to right might not even have a goal yet and my purposed, me hate to say this!!!!!! but still a loser in my own little world.

Lucky for me,me still surviving;unlike some people who killed themselves to cut it short.Well,that was totally out of question for me. me just still have to believe that somehow,someday things will turn up the way it should keep those fate and let a miracle do it's job.

me writing again

This is not my first blog
Here I am.
Writing again.
Do I have so much time to write?
Yes. For now. For some reasons.

Whenever i feel you r not with me.
Whenever i feel detached.
Whenever i feel so stress.
Whenever i feel so bad.
Whenever i feel so sad.
Whenever i hate myself.