Friday, June 5, 2009

Long day for mickey

My work place, my colleague my new role make me headache, last week ,i means after my one day leave, my Boss SMS me stated that her granny passed away ..

" my grandmother calling by the GOD, please take care the branch and the Branch ESAU (report) and i will be onleave 4 days, and update me anything regards the sales" .

once receive the massage, me know already.. something need me to take care, OMG, as you know my branch colleague memang not easy to handle .. ha ha ha.. masing2 with their own character. memang night mare .. dealing with the sales person ni .. kena hati2 sometime they very clever how to manupulate the situation, but come to the figure .. they cant run away ya .. coz figure will speak for u.. :)

me heard a few of them going to resign, but me hope that they happy with the new world if they resign, as same colour with me ... just give something hope you may keep it whenever you go..

"jadilah melayu yang bukan memperbanyakkan golongan sedia ada "

good luck friends and buddy ! love you all

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