Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mickey carry a big name

now me still working in banking line, jump to standard chartered and doing marketing and sales, i dont know before this fields can make money more and more than collection that i into before. now i know how to play with. the best place to make money, and wait for me ya ... some of the people saying that malay cannot do sale, coz according to them malay very lazy. but for your information, starting the first day me jump to this, me is the top sales person in mayasia under standard charted .. well.. what else me want to prove? very proud.

congrate to me!! he he he

here me know more detail who is-
lai sook wan - my iron lady bos , she's very good
kelly choong - please stop screaming
calvin - close ur mouth please
hema - u r supperb
farah - my best sis ever in work place
abby - sian ko bee
shandy - taht i call pelauk
hidayah - very coll and understanding
farina - the gurl with full of energy that can spread anytime
lena - pretty gurl
Lina - suka ketawa ...
Salmi - ehem ehem ha ha ha
Jamilah - when speak malay always slang
Hafiz - my junior yang kekadang cam lemau aja
zizane - branch manager yang paling cantik

Move to Aeon actually is my mistake, sorry to say .. i has been use from bottom to top oleh 2 ekor hantu, suffer ? yes i am ... go there as a unit head. poon and eline yong! two name can make my life miserable. but what me proud here actually me the one is create the process and flow for the card collection at aeon credit. working there, make me ask my self.. what m doing there. for those who know how to talked and have a lazy attitude, suitable for them.

here i know a lot of malay yang really typical and only can say .. Yes boss. i will do! when i remember the moment, make me sakit hati ! anyway i already go out from the mess a... bye bye aeon credit!

for my old staff, hope you will be find a good way for your carrier ok ....

Jannele chua - can see u r very indipendent
elsa - now promoted alerady
ayu hamiza - dah ilang
suzie - jump to SCB also
Julia - Also jump back to CT
ayurina - sometime honesty is not a good choice
Azie - holding a gud position aleardy

for me kat sini .. eline Yong adalah perempuan yang mempunyai hati yang paling busuk!

Take care guys

after graduate me started with citibank, lama juga kerja kat sini. for me kerja kat sini paling best, based on the enviroment, colligue, and work load. kat sini la, me been polish to become a leader. parkara paling best is, kerja dalam lapan bulan saja, has been promoted as Assistant Manager. that my hard work and determination to improve myself. actually i need to thanks to Mr yuremi mohd Noor, he's the one had teach me a lot till me know what is working life. kat sini ramai nama yang sampai sekarang yang tak leh di lupa kan....

Mr Yuremi - My Best Assistant manager
Mr Zaharim - My Group 1 Boss, but u know that after me promoted, me become zaharim boss. pelik kan
Ms Ravina - perempuan yang selalu nak nampak cantik dalam apa jua yang dia nak buat
Ms Ivon - Mr lady boss also. my idol very young and gud in everythings
Kak nadia - ni Salah satau otye under nube .. ha ha ha, dun touch ya
Kak Yan - suka bila bercerita pasal anak dia ... ha ha ha
Syed - emm... bila buat calling, sepuluh jam bercakap .. ha ha ha
Azrul - ni paling hebat ! keja and tak keja sama aja .. he he he
elyne chang - one of my best staff, sekarang dah jadi unit manager
desmond - my staff yang suka ampu .. but now hope improve sudah
ahmad - emmm.. ni kalau calling orang yang dah mati nya relative memang hebat .. terus jadi ustaz
nasha - hardworking gurl yang sellau pakai seluar singkat !
lin - yang tahu apa yang dia buat ...
elsa - aniother aggresive staff yang end month firgurenya akan meletup ..

banyak lagi la... love to be part of recovery .. guys i miss u .

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